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9-13 Patch Notes
September 13, 2016
9-13 Patch Notes

1. 10+ new Metal Maidens, including; M46 Patton, M43 SPG, SP I.C., A33 Excelsior, Sexton SPG, Elefant, T-80, and more!
2. Added 5 new chapters in Story mode (12-4 to 13-4).
3. New CK Event with 8 chapters of story and rewards!
4. New terrain added in Clash mode.
5. New music and background at login (swimsuits, hue).
6. New Backgrounds to GET in the shop!
7. S1 equipment fast upgrade function added.
8. New Live2D added; see Sophie (Smug Smug)!
9. Various balance changes, including; RP multi-hit buff, range shells stealth buff, etc.
10. Various bug fixes.
11. Text fixes and additions, including; new Terms in BG Story guide.