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9-13 Patch Notes
September 13, 2016
9-13 Patch Notes 1. 10+ new Metal Maidens, including; M46 Patton, M43 SPG, SP I.C., A33 Excelsior, Sexton SPG, Elefant, T-80, and more! 2. Added 5 new chapters in Story mode (12-4 to 13-4). 3. Ne
iOS version released!
August 22, 2016
It's been a long time coming, many delays, and many excuses... But we're finally here with iOS! Please do note that the iOS version doesn't carry over data from the Android servers, we don't want you
BWMG Formulas
April 01, 2016
How are you enjoying the new update :D :D ? Its probably inconvenient for some of you to jot down BWMG formulas so we'll put it here where you can easily find it. This list was also made available on