"The event is coming soon... Very soon :3......"                                                                              ~PW Team
BWMG Formulas
April 01, 2016
How are you enjoying the new update :D :D ? Its probably inconvenient for some of you to jot down BWMG formulas so we'll put it here where you can easily find it. This list was also made available on
New Theme Song Released -- Embrace
January 14, 2016
You may have seen our recent Character Video which is currently featured on our front page and perhaps wondered, "What's this song?!" It was produced by the Panzer Waltz team in Shanghai; What's Up L
Panzer Waltz coming to the West!
January 04, 2016
Panzer Waltz is scheduled for release on January 20, 2016 for mobile devices HONG KONG—January 4, 2016—Featured and played by millions across East Asia, Happy Universe and What’s Up LABS are pr